On-line Film Submission


General Information

Films can be submitted as DVD or via a password-protected streaming URL link.
Links must remain active and accessible through November 10, 2019. A downloadable version of the film must be available on the same streaming link.

Submission is subject to the payment of a registration fee of €25 Euros (including VAT).

Films will only be considered for pre-selection when the Festival receives the fee.

After completing the submission form and if the film complies with the Festival regulations, the submitter will receive a notice within seven working days on how to proceed with the payment of the entry fee.

Note: Please do not submit documentary or short films to the Thessaloniki International Film Festival. You can submit documentaries to the Thessaloniki Documentary Film Festival in March 2020.

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*) Do not submit documentary or short films to the Thessaloniki International Film Festival, unless you have been specifically invited to do so by the Festival. There are no “Documentary” or “Short” sections at this Festival.
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